Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Cureheads Halloween tour

"Halloween Tour - The Cureheads celebrate 25 years together with a couple of Halloween dates.... Including The Rocket reunion V...... With support from The Obtainers at The Rocket in Crawley. Free Entry.....The now owner of the Railway (formerly The Rocket) has covered everything, so that anyone can enjoy Halloween at The Rocket. The Cureheads will be joined once more by the amazing Ron Howe (sax player for The Cure)."


  1. The Halloween gig sound great. I'll try to be there. BTW Old Cure sax player is Ron Howe, not Ron Howard :)

    1. Thanks for catching that. Fixed it for them. :)

    2. ... and a top chap ron is too !
      last time it went a bit like this ...

  2. this cover band i think its the most horrible cover band of the cure