Friday, March 27, 2015

Roger with Hannah in the Wars

Hannah in the Wars debut album out April 17th, 2015 in New Zealand, and May 25th in the UK on Roger's 99X/10 Records.

Update (03/19/15): Article at Jammer Zine about Roger's work with them, plus album previews. And another article at Planet of Sound.

Update (03/21/15): Roger will be a special guest at their May 16th show at Sebright Arms in London. Get tickets here. Facebook event page here.

Update (03/27/15):

Monday, March 23, 2015

Vince Clarke: "We wanted to be The Cure"

I don't think I ever posted this. Electronic Sound interview with Vince Clarke from Dec. 2013. (Thanks @bratmix)

There's no other Cure mention besides that brief one at the beginning, it's just nice to hear Vince say that. Also, a very good interview if you like Vince/Depeche Mode.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Interview & live clips from the Dream Tour

Interview with Robert, and performances of 'Fascination Street' & 'Want', from the Dream Tour stop at Livid Festival in Brisbane on Oct. 21st, 2000.

"It's become pretty common knowledge, really, that this is the last big tour we'll ever do."

Hahahahahahaha! Yeah, we had heard that one a few times before, Robert. :)

(Thanks to Marina from TheCure Comunidad Argentina)

Pearl's art exhibit extended 4 more days

Pearl's exhibit has been extended. Will now close on March 23rd, not the 19th.

Update (03/20/15):
From MrMusichead Gallery on Facebook - "So many people have asked us if we're having a closing reception for the Pearl Thompson exhibit "Through the Eyes of Birds". We had to! ANNOUNCING Closing Reception this Saturday, March 21st from 12-2 pm with treats from @donutfriend inspired by the exhibit of ‪#‎original‬ ‪#‎paintings‬. Don't miss your chance to see this beautiful show in person!"

Note: Pearl will not be at the closing reception.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cure Tribute in The Netherlands March 20th

'Love and Other Tragedies' out June 26th

From Roger on Facebook: "Well finally my new album Love and Other Tragedies recorded with the amazing Julia Kent on cello is finished. I mastered it last week in London and the lacquers are on their way to Holland to press the double white vinyl. We have a release date of May 29th on 99X/10 Records and Tapes and a premiere in London at St Leonards Church on May 30th. Performers are yet to be finalised but it will be a very beautiful concert whoever is playing! More details to follow....

Just to clarify, there will be only one (minute possibility of an LA show) show in London on May 30th and I will post pre order details as soon as I have them. Its a limited edition of 250 double white vinyl. Thanks for the interest, this is a very emotional record for me and I very much hope everyone connects with it."

Update (03/11/15): You can get T-shirts, too.

Update (03/19/20): From Roger on Facebook - "OK, so the launch date and concert have been put back due to the pressing plant in Holland being very busy. The release date of Love and Other Tragedies is now June 26th with a pre sale on May 26th. The concert An Exquisite and Tragic Evening The Music of Roger O'Donnell at St Leonards in Shoreditch London will be June 26th. The concert will be free but you will need to register for tickets, this will also be launched on May 26th, tickets will be limited and available by email. Sorry for any confusion!"

Jason in the April issue of Rhythm magazine

"The Cure's Jason Cooper talks about his 20 years with one of alternative rock's most influential bands."

You can pick up a copy in UK stores or order worldwide here. (Thanks Aaron)

In the interview, Jason says his favorite Cure songs to play live are 'Faith' and 'Same Deep Water As You'. I knew there was a reason I liked him. :) Now if Robert would just let him play them more often. Can't post the whole thing, but here are a few excerpts:

(Thanks Andrea B.)

'Friday I'm in Love' shirt from Gianni Bini

"I saw this in Dillard's at Lakeside the other day. Surely Robert wouldn't approve of the copyright infringement! Ugh. Unless that label bought the rights." (Thanks Karen)

That's here in the New Orleans area, but if you like the shirt, might be worth a check of your local Dillard's. Also online.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Isaac Brock says The Cure have lost something

Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse talking to WSJ Speakeasy:

You guys have been a major label band for longer than you were an indie band at this point.

Look, I’m a huge Cure fan. I love the Cure. The scales being tipped to when they weren’t on a major label compared to when they were seems pretty meaningless. I had the good fortune of having them go before me and seeing their careers, musically at least, lose something. Like a novel written by a dead hand. There’s nothing quite there but it’s sort of still there. Which is why I’m willing to wait eight years before I put out a record. I just won’t do that to people who like my band. I like Modest Mouse. I’m our biggest fan. And enemy. I won’t waste people’s time by putting out a Modest Mouse record just because. That’s fair, right? Did you get to hear the new record?
(Thanks Sofia)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

'Play Out' on Vimeo

As far as I know, you can't buy the 'Play Out' video anywhere, and I haven't heard anything about it being released again, so I guess it's okay to post this. Correct me if I'm wrong, and I'll remove it. (Thanks Ema and Sonic More Music)

Well that didn't last long. Here's hoping it's a sign that this will be getting released on DVD/Blu soon.

Jason on the new Marina & the Diamonds album

From The Line of Best Fit:

"Jason Cooper who drums in The Cure, he did all the percussion on the record. It's definitely got their influence in there."

The album, 'Froot', won't be released until April 6th, 2015, but the first video from it was released today. (Thanks @Ligia_Berg)

Update (03/15/15): 

Jason Cooper from The Cure recording drums on my demo of Savages…

A video posted by Marina and The Diamonds (@marinagrams) on

Andy Anderson update

From Jenn Vix on Facebook: "Happy to announce that I've recorded a track with Andy Anderson, who played drums in The Cure, The Glove, and with many other bands and musicians. I'm now mixing this first track, and we have plans to record a second one over the next few weeks. This new music will be on my upcoming EP, scheduled for a late Oct/early November release. Publicity will happen ahead of the release date."

Update (03/15/15): From Jenn Vix - "Here is my new track, 'Eyes Roll Back', featuring Andy Anderson on drums. "

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pearl on working with Plant & Page

From Contact Music:

Former The Cure star Porl Thompson still can't believe he toured with Led Zeppelin icons Robert Plant and Jimmy Page 20 years ago.

The guitarist, who has changed his name to Pearl Thompson and turned his back on music to dedicate his life to painting, was stunned when Plant, a fan of The Cure, invited him to hit the road with him and Page on the back of their hit No Quarter album two decades ago.

He recalls, "I'd left The Cure to pursue my painting and then suddenly, out of the blue, I got a call from Robert Plant, which I thought was a hoax. He was really into The Cure, which I thought was interesting, and they invited me up to see if we all got along.

"It was an opportunity I couldn't really turn down. We did a Tv show together but it went so well that they just started talking about going out on a tour and they asked me if I wanted to do it with them. It was very freeing as I was really there just as a guitarist. But it was pretty daunting playing alongside Jimmy Page, especially when you consider that quite often there would be a change of set list and they'd throw in a song that nobody had rehearsed, which would be used the next night, so you'd have to go back and do your homework in you hotel room and then turn up and just play things like The Song Remains the Same.

"It was very difficult but challenging and exciting."

And Thompson insists there was no sign that Plant and Page were anything but great friends: "There wasn't any drama. It was a big set up. There were two orchestras and rehearsals were interesting."

Plant and Page have since fallen out over the singer's reluctance to reactivate Led Zeppelin after a one-off reunion in 2007. (Thanks @TheCureMexico)

Leyendas del Rock: The Cure

No news, but a nice article about The Cure at (Thanks @TheCureMexico)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New version of 'Please' out March 30th

Update (03/10/15):  Listen to the new version of 'Please' on the BBC Pete Tong show here. It starts at 2:07:30.
(Thanks James and HolyItsaRaccoon)

"Premonition and Pitchfork have announced that Paul Hartnoll's new album, "8:58", to be released on March 30th, will feature Robert Smith. That album will include a reworking of the song "Please" that had already been released in 2007. It will also include a studio version of the cover version of A Forest by The Unthanks that you mentioned on CoF on Dec 20, 2013. Full track list here:" (Thanks Olivier)

From the Biography section on the '8:58' website:

"Elsewhere there are intriguing, twilit collaborations with Northumbrian folk clan The Unthanks, sepulchral singer-songwriter Ed Harcourt, folk singer Lisa Knapp, and Robert Smith of The Cure — the latter on a newly-rediscovered and superior version of Paul’s 2007 single ‘Please’.

“There are plenty of beats,” he adds, “But I wanted to exercise my more compositional side too, and bring in a witchy, ‘Wicker Man’ aspect.”

Key to the latter — and echoing Paul’s collaboration with Robert Smith — is The Unthanks’ astonishing ensemble performance on a cover of ‘A Forest’, one of Paul’s all-time favourite songs from the early days of The Cure. He’d always wanted to work with The Unthanks. “When listening to their song ‘I Wish’, was struck with the idea that ‘A Forest’ would suit The Unthanks’ unnerving pastoral-gothic voices if slowed down.” Paul thought of funeral marches and Kraftwerk’s ‘Looking Glass’, and techno’s hidden pagan undertow. After all, why do both ravers and Morrismen wave sticks in the air and dance in the summertime...?

After building the track he traveled up to record their voices among the unique acoustics of The Unthanks’ “folk barn” near Newcastle, just before Christmas 2013. “Big stone house in the middle of nowhere, pot of tea with a proper tea cosy, lovely warm welcome... it was everything I could have wished for,” he remembers. “They sat on the floor and sang the song for me in really low voices — I was nearly in tears. And the studio was like a Victorian museum of musical curiosities with weird instruments on display and bunting everywhere. I loved every moment of it.” (Thanks Barry)

Friday, March 6, 2015

Still some Pearl prints left for sale

Photos from Pearl's opening reception

More photos at WireImage and Getty Images. (Thanks Debi)

And some photos from AndyTheCureFan. (Thanks Andy)

Stories at ContactMusic and Hollywood Reporter.

Pearl on a Cure reunion: “Can never say no, because how many times have I left The Cure and rejoined them?” laughs Thompson. “At the present time it doesn’t really seem like an option.”

Thursday, March 5, 2015

New interview & music from Pearl

The Tortoise and the Hare Experience have a very nice 74 minute interview with Pearl, and also some music from Pearl's new projects.

Pearl Thompson art exhibit starts tonight

A new collection of paintings entitled

Pearl Thompson, Pink Sun, (2014)

Mr Musichead Gallery
Presents the US Premiere art exhibition
By legendary rock guitarist, Pearl Thompson,Original member of iconic British rock band, The Cure

Exhibition Dates:  March 6 - 19, 2015

Opening Reception:  Thursday, March 5, 2015 @ 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Los Angeles, CA. (February 23, 2015) On Thursday, March 5th, Pearl (aka Porl) Thompson, an English musician best known for his work with The Cure will display original works at the Mr Musichead Gallery in Hollywood, CA.   Pearl Thompson will display a visually inspiring collection of work that he has worked on for the past several years.  These paintings are inspired by his journeys through the canyons of Malibu and the surrounding desert area.  He is moved by the energy and deep underlying spirit that flowers through the rock formations and cactus reminding him of a giant ancient time capsule.  Pearl Thompson states, "I like to step back and take on another perspective, see the visions, intense colors, shadows and life seeing through the eyes of birds."

This will be the first solo exhibition for the artist showcasing his mixedmedia paintings. Thompson's new work is vastly different from the older artwork featured on some of The Cure's most famous albums.  His artwork today is mainly acrylic on canvas with intentional brushstrokes and colorful slashes of light and is a real celebration of his evolution.

Pearl Thompson's new work was noticed when photographer Lisa Johnson captured his image with his guitar in her tabletop book 108 Rock Star Guitars and then introduced him to gallery owner Sam Milgrom.  "The same passion that infused his guitar wizardry is very present in his art work.  The color schemes and brush strokes are both moving and alluring."  - Sam Milgrom, owner, Mr Musichead Gallery.

Pearl (Porl) Thompson was part of the original lineup of The Cure, which also included Robert Smith, Michael Dempsey, and Lol Tolhurst  when the band was first formed in 1976.  Thompson left the Cure in 1994 to play with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin during the Page & Plant tour of 1995.

In 2002, Thompson also had an exhibition of his paintings in Cornwall, UK entitled "100% SKY". A book co-written with Sarah Brittain also entitled "100% Sky" was published in conjunction with the exhibition.

For more information: (Thanks Debi)

Update (02/25/15): Confirmed with the gallery on Instagram, Pearl will be at the artist reception on March 5th. This page says to RSVP to

Update (03/05/15):